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HTR is more than a radio station.

The Sound is a premium brand, built with respect for our customers – both listeners and advertisers. With the lowest commercial loads in Hawaii, HTR HAWAII plays Yesterday’s Favorites and Today’s Hits – and gives advertisers the cleanest environment, where their marketing gets noticed.

HTR aims to reach a larger percentage of the visitor/tourist market (plus the locals!) than any other radio station. Every week more than 170 million Americans listen to internet radio weekly.

Now HTR can also integrate your message within our exclusive content – on online, social media, texting, email, mobile, and events – wherever Hawaii bound visitors can be found.

Leads, searches, click-throughs, more traffic, sales. What’s your goal? Ours will be to grow your business.

For advertising opportunities with HTR please contact:

Jennifer Squires

Phone: (310) 439.3215


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